Get to know 10 Variety of Typical Popular Batik Motifs from Various Regions in Indonesia

Batik and Indonesia, like 2 things that cannot be separated. Batik is a typical Indonesian fabric that has been used since time immemorial. In the past batik was very commonly used as everyday clothing for Indonesian people. The use of batik cloth will usually be combined with kebaya or other traditional clothing.

The word batik comes from the Javanese ambhatik which consists of the word amba which means width, area, cloth and the word bhatik which means point or automatic. Both of these words developed into batik terms which can be interpreted as making dots on a wide cloth. Batik is also interpreted more generally as a picture cloth that is made specifically by writing or spreading the night on fabric.

Since it was designated as a Humanitarian Heritage for Oral and Non-Buddhist Culture by UNESCO on October 2, 2009, the popularity of batik has increased. Batik is increasingly being used as formal wear. The impression of batik is no longer old-fashioned, but more elegant and classy. Not only used as clothing, batik cloth or batik motifs have now begun to be applied to various home decorations, such as sofas, wooden furniture, carpets, pillows, and so forth.

Talking about batik is incomplete if it does not discuss the variety of batik motifs typical of various regions in Indonesia. Here are some popular batik motifs in Indonesia.

Batik Megamendung

Batik Megamendung is a typical batik cloth motif in the Cirebon area. Megamendung batik motif is very distinctive with the form of large clouds brightly colored and striking. Some of the colors commonly used on Megamendung batik are blue, deep red, purple, and dark green.

Pekalongan Seven Fine Batik

Pekalongan is an area that is well known as an area of batik craftsmen and batik centers. Various elegant batik motifs are produced in the city of Pekalongan. The characteristic of Pekalongan batik is that it is dominated by plant and animal motifs. Pekalongan Batik will be very beautiful when combined with plain clothes.

Broken Parang Batik

This batik motif you must often see. Parang Rusak batik motif is a very popular batik motif among batik lovers. Parang Rusak batik motif contains deep meaning, namely human warfare in fighting bad character and lust during life. Parang Rusak Batik is very often used for various handicrafts made from batik.

Batik Keraton

Keraton Batik is batik that was originally made by princesses and batik artisans in the Keraton environment. The Keraton batik motif is very thick with elegant, sacred and full of philosophy of life. Therefore, Keraton batik was only allowed to be used by some people.

Batik Priyangan Tasikmalaya

Priyangan Batik Tasikmalaya is famous for its characteristics that have a tight, neat, and classy style. The dominance of grass and plant motifs is the main identity of Priyangan batik.

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